Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Monday, another memory

RAW's in Detroit tonight, and I can't afford to go. :( But at any rate, once again it's time for:


     Last Monday, I asked you what your favorite cartoon was growing up. This week, we might even be taking a deeper trip down nostalgia road. I say that because this week's topic is your favorite GAME SHOW growing up as a kid. Me, I had two shows that I loved to watch as a kid. Technically it's three, but the Price is Right is still on air, and I still watch it.
     The first of the two shows that I loved was Nick Arcade. It was unique for its time, and watching people fail at the Video Challenges either made me laugh or yell at the TV a lot. And the whole green screen video realm thing? Memories, man. The second game show I remember is Legends of the Hidden Temple. That big stone face Olmec? Creepy, but awesome at the same time. And the actual temple? I swear, those guards raped one of those little kids at one point.
     But anyways, that's it for that. So tell me, what game shows did you grow up with?


  1. Video and Arcade top ten! and Jeopardy.

  2. Double Dare and Video Power. Don't look up video power on youtube unless you want to be hit in the face with how lame the early 90s was.

  3. Price is right is still great but hasn't been with same with the insufferable drew carey, also +1 for legend of the hidden temple

  4. nice post. it really changed my views on prince

  5. my favorite was jeopardy. i know that's probably weird for a kid. also does anybody remember one called press your luck. i kinda liked that.