Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good morning


     Today, I direct you to a few sites which always give me a nice little bit of a laugh of pick-me-up when I need it. The first of which is Damn you, autocorrect! This site is basically a housing of screen shots of people who were using an iPhone and the auto-correct decided to kick in at the wrong time. This is why I pay special attention to what I type...and why I won't get an iPhone anytime soon.
     The other site I'd like to talk about is a classic, F my life. This site shows the daily mishaps of people who just have bad things happen to them. There are many different categories to look through, and it's updated very regularly, and there's even a book you can buy from them!

     So yeah, sorry about the shortness of the post. There's a lot of snow outside and I've got other stuff to do today, but take a look at those two sites and get some laughs in to start your weekend off right!


  1. It's not really funny, but I also enjoy Gives me hope. Sometimes it's nice to read some positive stuff, although some of it I find kind of corny. I also find it interesting how something only gives someone hope if the person doing it was really popular or good looking. So an ugly, unpopular person doing the same thing wouldn't be noteworthy or good? That attitude doesn't give me hope

  2. thanks for the links, i'll check em out.