Thursday, February 3, 2011

Achievement Unlocked!

Well, I just spent about two and a half hours digging out the driveway and part of the street. I say part of the street because I live on a side street and apparently the city doesn't want to spend the extra time to help out the unfortunate people who don't live on the main streets and leave their streets unploughed. FUCK THEM ALL TO HELL!!!!!! At any rate, my back hurts, my right foot hurts, and today I'll be briefly talking about the 3rd game that I've gotten all the achievements for on my Xbox 360.


     This game is pretty damn fun. I loved this game mainly because it played a lot like Godhand, which I also loved. It's a big ol action fest filled with sexy movement left and right. Ohhhh, so fun. I've caught myself looking at Bayonetta once or twice while I was pulling off a big combo. But let's let the gameplay talk for itself.

    This is just a slight taste of gameplay. I'll admit, I do a lot better than whoever this person was, but I do screw up every now and then. But enough of my ranting. Go buy this game!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzcon 2011


I want to begin this blog today with a picture that I just took from outside.

     That, my friends, is a yardstick. It went up to 14 1/2. We just got hit with an ASSLOAD of snow. This storm has wreaked havoc over the eastern part of the US. The worst part? It's STILL snowing! I'm officially calling this the REAL Blizzcon 2011. This stuff is just too insane. Cars are getting stuck everywhere, ambulances and cops are getting stuck. This town is basically DEAD right now.
     This is gonna be one hell of a time shoveling this stuff. But it could actually be a good thing. People, if you have elderly people around you that can't really shovel or anything like that, be a good sport and give them a hand if you can. This storm has teabagged us all, and it didn't care how old we were. Now we can stand up and help wipe off the foreheads of the unfortunate elderly that were mushroom stamped by this blizzard. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go eat lunch then prepare to break my back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is gonna be fun


Apparently, we're going to be hit by a winter storm of "epic proportions". I've been around the internet once or twice. I'LL decide whether or not this thing is epic when it hits.

Alberto del Rio won the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Last night he chose to face the Smackdown champion at Wrestlemania. Only time will tell who it will be.

My head's been feelin kinda dizzy the last few days. Maybe it's the weather. It better be.

50 piece nuggets are at McDonalds for $9.99. Only 3 more days until I attempt it for the 3rd straight year. I'm 1-1, wanting to go 2-1.

Going through Bayonetta on the hardest difficulty to get the achievement for it. About 2/3 of the way through, looking to get a little further today.

I think that's it for today. So yeah, what random stuff is coming from your head?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you dig it, sucka???


    So, last night the Royal Rumble was on. It was a good PPV overall, and the rumble was pretty good as well. It had a few surprise entrants as well, the few being Booker T and Diesel. Fucking DIESEL!!!! That's going WAY back. Which leads us to today's Memory Monday topic: Who was YOUR favorite wrestler from when you were growing up? Diesel was one of my favorites, but Macho Man Randy Savage was as well. Lots of good memories of wrestling when I was growing up, so who are your favorites?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy day today


     As most of you may know, the Pro Bowl is on today. However, I'm passing that up because there is another event that is on today that catches my attention even more. Of course, I'm talking about the Royal Rumble. For those of you who don't know, it's wrestling. Sure, there are going to be quite a few title matches in the lineup, but the main event of this Pay Per View is the rumble itself. And this year marks the first time that there will be 40 people participating instead of the original 30.
    Basically, 2 people start in the ring, and every 60-90 seconds another person enters. If you get thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor, you are eliminated. Last person in the ring is the winner and gets a title match at the biggest PPV that the company has, Wrestlemania.  I honestly couldn't tell you who I think is going to win, but as long as it isn't John Cena, I'm happy. Tonight's gonna be a great night, I can just feel it!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good morning


     Today, I direct you to a few sites which always give me a nice little bit of a laugh of pick-me-up when I need it. The first of which is Damn you, autocorrect! This site is basically a housing of screen shots of people who were using an iPhone and the auto-correct decided to kick in at the wrong time. This is why I pay special attention to what I type...and why I won't get an iPhone anytime soon.
     The other site I'd like to talk about is a classic, F my life. This site shows the daily mishaps of people who just have bad things happen to them. There are many different categories to look through, and it's updated very regularly, and there's even a book you can buy from them!

     So yeah, sorry about the shortness of the post. There's a lot of snow outside and I've got other stuff to do today, but take a look at those two sites and get some laughs in to start your weekend off right!

Friday, January 28, 2011


With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3 just a few shorts but OH so long weeks away, I decided that today I'm gonna take a look back. But not to the game that the title of this blog references.


     I'm not going to go over the second MvC game. Nope. I'm going to talk about the first Marvel vs Capcom, the one that we had in our arcade.

     This was before the whole 3 on 3 got popular in the series. This was basic one on one fighting, with a little help from assists of course. There weren't that many characters to actually fight as, but there were quite a few hidden characters. Most of them were basically different colors of the same characters, but there was one that kind of went outside that box. And that would be Roll.

     The first time I remember playing this, it was actually on my PSone. I liked fighters and I was like "Eh, I'll give it a shot." I'm glad I did. It's so addicting. The play style just felt so refreshing and there were so many play styles to try out and go against. When this game actually came to our local arcade, I was more than ready to whoop some ass, and I did too.
     I usually used Ryu, but not normal Ryu. Some people will know what I'm talking about, and the others will need an explanation. If you do a half circle back plus one of the punches, Ryu will change "modes", basically mimicking the other shoto characters with their unique normal moves and supers. If you press medium punch, you get Ken mode. Fierce punch gets Akuma mode with level 3 super intact (the mode I used most). Light punch gets you back to normal Ryu. Each transformation takes up 1 whole Hyper combo bar, so you have to be careful.
    But yes, this game was VERY fun. If you have a PSone or PS2 laying around, do yourself a favor and go find this game, whether it be in an old nearby video game store, or online. Doesn't matter, just go get this game.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still alive and kickin

Went to a NBA game for the first time last night. Home team lost, but I saw it coming. So yeah, continuing on with the video game related Thursday posts, today is:


     I'll be blogging about a random game that I've played on any of the Nintendo systems. Today, I want to take a look back at a game that originally came out on the SNES that I (unfortunately) owned as a kid. In Nintendo Power's 100th issue, it was rated as the third worst game ever on a Nintendo system. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself, 'cause we're taking a trip back in time to visit:

    SHAQ FU! There are a few modes in this game. A story mode, versus, and a tournament mode. Sounds decent enough right? Well that's where the decency ends. The story mode is basically Shaq going into another dimension to rescue a kid that was kidnapped. You've got a few stereotypes in this game, the black person, the monster, the egyptian guy, and the...uh...catgirl.

     Well, the characters and the story are just the bread in this suck sandwich. The meat of it is in the gameplay. You see, it feels really slow, some characters are VERY overpowered if used properly (see above picture), and there are two types of guarding. TWO!!!!! There's normal guarding, which is done by holding away from your opponent, but there's a shield-guard that is done by holding down and I think the L button. And even worse, each guard doesn't guard against the opposite guard, so you're randomly breaking between offense and trying to figure out if your opponent is doing a special move or not. To further emphasize this horrible game, let me show you a gameplay video.

    Well, hopefully this shines some light on the past. Maybe next time the Nintendo Thursday rolls around, I'll reflect back on a good game. Until then, just reflect on this sucky game.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making this quick

I'm actually doing a lot of stuff today, so I won't be able to check people's stuff or do a lengthy blog today, but there was one story, a LOCAL story, that caught my eye and made me go:


Bag at bottom of grave contained spoiling animal hearts and chicken feet in what looked like barbecue sauce.

This is just outright disturbing and absolutely confusing at the same time. What in the blue hell would make someone collect these things and then put BBQ sauce in there as well? A black vampire or something? WTF???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired as hell

People kept me up till like 4 am, not cool. So yeah, this might be a little more random than usual, but it might be better that way.


Superbowl XLV is Steelers vs. Packers. Lamarr Woodley went to the rival of the high school I went to. And I had to make a news report about him when he won that Superbowl a few years ago.

Pro Bowl is this Sunday, but it's also the Royal Rumble. First time it's gonna have 40 participants. Welp, screw the Pro Bowl!

Michigan really blows when it comes to trying to find a job. It REALLY does.

Wish this person on ebay would ship my damn order already. Can't wait to get my hands on Ehrgeiz again.

Pure pressed 100% apple juice/cider whoops major ass.

Going through Bayonetta on hard to get the achievements. Man, I can't remember the last game where a Hard setting in an action game was actually HARD.

Alright, I think that's all the trivial stuff I've got on my mind for this morning. Your random thoughts? Comments?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Monday, another memory

RAW's in Detroit tonight, and I can't afford to go. :( But at any rate, once again it's time for:


     Last Monday, I asked you what your favorite cartoon was growing up. This week, we might even be taking a deeper trip down nostalgia road. I say that because this week's topic is your favorite GAME SHOW growing up as a kid. Me, I had two shows that I loved to watch as a kid. Technically it's three, but the Price is Right is still on air, and I still watch it.
     The first of the two shows that I loved was Nick Arcade. It was unique for its time, and watching people fail at the Video Challenges either made me laugh or yell at the TV a lot. And the whole green screen video realm thing? Memories, man. The second game show I remember is Legends of the Hidden Temple. That big stone face Olmec? Creepy, but awesome at the same time. And the actual temple? I swear, those guards raped one of those little kids at one point.
     But anyways, that's it for that. So tell me, what game shows did you grow up with?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well, football starts a little later today, at 3pm EST, but there are two VERY good games to look forward to. And the winners of these games are moving forward to:


     The first game that's coming on today is basically the oldest rivalry in football, Packers vs Bears. The Bears tried to keep the Packers out of the playoffs near the end of the regular season, but failed to do so as they lost 10-3. I would probably say that this is still riding hard on the minds of the Bears as their quite possibly "worst fear" has come alive in that they have to face them again. Could the Bears come back and do the job they couldn't do the first time around? Only time will tell.
     The second game on today at about 6:30pm EST is the Jets vs Steelers. The Steelers want another Super Bowl, and they want to plow through the Jets to do so. Personally, I think Sanchez is going to be the main factor in whether or not the Jets make it or not. This is the first time he's gotten this far into the post-season, and I think his rookie-ish status is going to hurt him, regardless of how good he is. The Steelers are too big of a force in my honest opinion.

     So, get your pizzas, subs, nachos, or whatever you eat on Sundays, cause we've got one hell of a day ahead of us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Saturday

Well, it's the weekend. And what better way to start the weekend off than with a little laughter!


     Today, I wish to make you laugh due to the unfortunate follies of wrestling. Yes, I am a wrestling fan. But I'm not one of those hardcore fans, just someone who likes to watch. Every so often someone's going to screw up a line or mess up a move. A lot of people have started to call doing that a "botch". So, a certain someone decided to start compiling these botches into video form, and hence Botchamania was born.
     I am a big fan of this guy's videos, and they always make me laugh. So give 'em a look even though you may not be a wrestling fan at all. You can find his youtube page here, or you can go to his personal website for Botchamania here. Have some good laughs today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you ready for a workout?

Snow's on the ground, but it's pretty warm in here so I think I'll stay here for quite some time while I give to you:


Last week, I gave you some insight into my favorite racing game. Now I'll give you insight into my favorite "dance" game. I'm sure most if not all of you have heard of Dance Dance Revolution by now, but not many people have heard of the harder alternative to this game. It's a little machine called In The Groove 2.

     Sure, it sort of looks like a DDR machine at first, but when you actually start playing the game, you will realize the difference soon enough. If you recall, the highest difficulty there was for DDR (before DDR X arcade) was 10. Well, this machine can kick it all the way up to 15. Some of the songs on here are absolutely insane, but catchy as well. Another aspect of the game that makes it harder are the mines which you have to avoid, and notes which make you repeatedly step on an arrow until the entire thing passes by. Oh, and don't forget the multitude of mods that can be implemented as well as hands, which make you use your hands as well as your feet to hit all the arrows at once.
    But perhaps the biggest advantage over DDR, this machine has the ability for you to bring in your own songs. If you look closely between the P1 & P2 buttons, there a little black rectangle. Those are 2 USB slots. Not only can you save your stats on your own USB stick, depending on what version the machine has been upgraded to, you can bring in your own songs and dance to them as well! There are a bunch of tutorials on how to do this online, so with a little searching you can be on your way to having even more fun!
    However, I'm not content with just leaving a few paragraphs describing the game. I'll SHOW you how hard it is!

Well, there you have it. Freeplay Friday. What do you think about this game?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Okay, different topic today

Today was originally planned to be Triple Thursday, where I would review a PS3 game. However, things didn't go quite as planned, and so I'll have to take a step back for today. And so, without further ado, I bring to you:


Yep. I'm going to be giving a little review on a PS2 game. And today's game is one that I don't think many people have heard about. It's a little gem that wasn't officially released in the US, and it's name is Namco X Capcom.

This game plays like a strategy-type RPG, kinda like Final Fantasy Tactics but not quite. It takes place over many dimensions, covering both the Namco and Capcom side of things. This was the first RPG of this type that I played, and I have to admit, I was drawn in almost immediately. You see the picture above that I posted. Basically everyone in that picture is playable at one point in time or another. Also, the battle style is very outside the ordinary for an RPG of its time. It would be better if I just showed you though.

It's much like a fighter in some ways, but it blends in the RPG aspects to figure out how much damage is dealt, and so on. Unfortunately, you'll only find this game in japanese, but there is an english patch out there somewhere. At any rate, you should definitely get this game. Find it on ebay or something.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sure is dead today

There hasn't been much news out there in the past week that stood out to me, but I'll throw a few things out there. So, without further ado, it's time for:


Kid Rock gets a car for his 40th birthday: For those of you who don't know (or care), Kid Rock had his 40th birthday party at Ford Field this past weekend. And he got a nice little gift from Jimmie Johnson: a brand-new Chevy Camaro SS. That is an insane gift to get, but I guess that's what happens when you have popular friends like that. I didn't get much for my b-day from my friends, but then again, that's the staple every year.

That's pretty much it. Nothing note-worthy has really happened in the last week to make me go wtf? If there's anything out there in your region that's got you flipping your lid. PLEASE feel free to post it in a comment. I know there's gotta be more happening out there!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's get this thing started

No lead-in today, so let's get right into it.


There's snow coming down hard right now, and I think it's supposed to continue all day. I have to get up and deposit some money in the bank soon. The roads are gonna SUCK. Furthermore, at one point I KNOW I'm gonna have to go out and shovel. Damnit...

NFL Playoff games are this Sunday. Can't wait for those, looks like they're gonna be real good.

WWE Raw is gonna be in Detroit next Monday, and I didn't know about it. Now I really wanna get tickets for it, but I know I can't afford it. Sucks.

My grandma gave me a blanket made out of microfiber polyester. If you don't have one, you seriously need to invest in one because that thing will keep you WARM.

I'm probably gonna get the Borderlands GOTY edition on Steam somewhat soon here. I never got to play any of the expansions, it'll be fun to see what kind of stuff I've been missing.

I don't like that the new season of Tosh.0 comes on at the same time as NSFW. Then again, Tosh repeats at midnight, so I'm good to go.

Alright, I think that's all the random trivial stuff I've got for today. Catch you people tomorrow!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's been a week!

Well, it's been one week since I started this blog, and all things considered it's going decently I think. So, let's get on topic, shall we?


     I'm still tired as crap from hanging out with my friends last night for my birthday, so I'll make this somewhat short. Today, the memory topic is cartoons. And I don't mean cartoons in the 2000's either. I mean old school, like late 80's and early 90's, the stuff that my generation grew up with. I remember watching Reboot religiously and getting up early Saturday morning to catch Dragonball Z on Fox. Yeah, DBZ was on Fox at one point. Oh, and Thundercats. Can't forget the Thundercats cartoon. So awesome. And Voltron as well. So, what memories of cartoons do YOU have from growing up?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake during it, cause I got NO freaking sleep because of an upset stomach. At any rate, onto today's topic.


     Yep. I'm gonna talk about football. Yesterday's playoff games were pretty least one of them was. The Pittsburgh game was very good. Came down to the wire, that's the kind of game I like to see. On the other hand, the Packers game was a complete blowout when it got to the second half. It got so hurtful to watch I started to play Oblivion again.
      As far as today's games are concerned, the Patriots / Jets game looks to be a very good game, but the one I'm waiting for is the Seahawks game. I only have one birthday wish, and that is for the Seahawks to be the Bears so the underdogs can live to fight another week. Either way, I hope it's gonna be a good playoff day and a good birthday. Who are you guys rooting for today?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's the start of a hopefully good weekend!

Well, Saturday's here. New snow on the ground, sleeping in, football games to watch, good stuff. However, there's still the matter of today's topic. I'm going to take a lighter side of things on the weekend. So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for:


Yep. Saturdays will be laid back and I'll just show you some stuff that will hopefully make you laugh. Whether it be pictures, a video, or a story of mine, hopefully you'll start off your weekend with a smile.
     Today, the silly stuff will be centered around Oblivion. With Skyrim coming out this year, I decided to pick Oblivion back up for my 360. Then I had something happen to me that I never had happen before. I accidentally let myself become a vampire. So, I immediately went out to find the cure quest. I soon found out that traveling and trying to take care of all your business at night is not fun at all. Fast forward to the last part of the quest where I had to kill a "very strong" vampire. 2 arrow shots later, I'm fast traveling back to the quest giver to get myself cured. I won't give away the rest of the quest, I'll let you do that for yourself.
     As for the video, I'm going to show you one that I did on the PC version of Oblivion. It's quite simple, yet I still get video views and comments on this video to this day, and it's almost been 3 years since I put it up!

    Well, that's it for today. Feel free to share your funny Oblivion moments with me. Until tomorrow!

Friday, January 14, 2011

And today's topic is:

Well, I had to think about this one overnight. I was torn between two options, but in the end I chose this one. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for:


Yep. On Fridays, I'm going to talk about some of the arcade games that I played in the past that are worth mentioning. This week, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite driving games, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune.

When I first came across this game, I was currently playing the third edition of the Initial D arcade game, which was starting to become annoying because of the penalizing system for hitting walls. Then I tried out the second edition of Wangan. Let me tell you, it's not like any of those common racing games out there. Like Initial D, this game saves your information on a little card, so you can pick up where you left off.

     But unlike Initial D, this game does not penalize harshly for tapping a wall or two. The music is very upbeat in both the second and third editions, and I have purchased both soundtracks. Besides story mode, there is also a mode where you go through each of the different courses and work your way up 10 tiers to the top, and you can earn custom titles for perfecting all the tiers.
     One of the best modes in the third version though is the Ghost Battle mode. In this mode, your racing pattern is recorded, and the top times are saved as a "ghost" so that you can race against them as if you were racing against an actual person. There are different ghosts for each of the courses, and you can also earn a rare title for being on the top of all of the courses at once.
     Overall, this game is by far the most fun racing game I've ever played in the arcade. Only a few people could beat me when it came to versus, and I have humbled quite a few people who thought they were something special. I highly recommend you try to find this game in an arcade near you, because you will have a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Sixty Thursday

Welcome back! So, Thursdays are going to actually switch up as weeks go by. This week I'll be talking about an Xbox360 game that I like. Next week, it'll be "Triple Thursday" and I'll talk about a PS3 game. Week after that will be " 'Tendo Thursday" with the Wii. But enough about the weeks ahead. Let's focus on the week at hand!


This week I'll be talking about probably the last good RPG that Square Enix made for the 360. And don't get me started on FF13. I'm a fan, but that only goes so far before my brain starts to hemorrhage. So, this game does have its strong and weak points, and I'll be brief on both sides.

Strong Points

One of the strongest points in this game which they didn't have in the 3rd game (PS2), is the ability to bring in one of your backup characters from your party when everyone in your current party has died. It really does help, especially in post-game dungeons. Also, I do like the story here. Even though it's a little bit short for being a 3-disc game, it actually does hold up pretty well. The synthesizing and item creation as a whole also took a turn for the better in this game as well. Now you don't have to grind your butt off for money just to synth that last stat onto a weapon. Unfortunately...

Weak Points

Item Creation also took a turn for the worse. When you go to invent something, you don't actually invent the item itself. You instead create the "recipe" for the item. You then have to go out and get the items necessary to create said item, which can get VERY annoying, especially if you're an achievement hunter. Also, the post-game dungeons took a step down as well. There are only two of them, and the deepest one you'll find is only 20 floors. Not only that, but there's a boss every other floor and no save points whatsoever. I would be fine with the no save points, if it weren't for the annoying as hell "missions" for the floors that don't have bosses, but I'll let you look those up on your own time.

Overall, this game does have its weak points, but it is still a game that I enjoyed quite a lot, and you should give it a try as well.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WTF Wednesday

So, I had a hard time coming up with something for today, so I figured I'd bring a little news to you from around the U.S. and locally that just made me go WTF?


1. Geohot...well that was fast: Apparently, not even a week after these guys did a major "jailbreak" on the 3.55 version of the PS3 and made it available to the public, Sony got right on his/her/their asses and served them up with papers. Now, my question is this: I really don't remember many people complaining about squat when the PS2 was all modded up and stuff, so why start complaining now? At any rate, this just goes to show you that Sony IS paying attention out there. If you want to look at the papers yourself, go check out for the information.

2. Tini Bikini's trying to open in Saginaw: So, this one's local. Apparently, this place is trying to open up here and the township is getting all bitchy about it, basically saying that it's too close to a "school" and stuff like that. #1, the building that they're trying to use has NO windows to the outside, so no one from the outside can look in and catch an accidental glimpse of something. And #2, if you don't like it, DON'T GO THERE. Plain and Simple. To check the story out, go to

3. Random wildlife dying, end of days?: I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about this by now. But for those who haven't, there's been a report of hundreds of birds and thousands of fish dying randomly and out of nowhere. This seems pretty odd to me. A lot of speculations are coming up as to why this is happening. From scientific facts to government conspiracies, to even a sign of the end of days coming. I don't know what's causing it, as long as it gets fixed I don't care. But if you DO care, check out this link for more info.

Alright, so that's WTF Wednesday in a nutshell. What do you think about those stories? Pretty weird, huh?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trivial Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday, so I thought about it and I decided to do Trivial Tuesday. Basically, I'll rant for a few sentences about things that just come across my mind. And with that, let's begin!


Congrats to Auburn winning the National Championship last night. Really good game. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Birthday's in six days. My birthday wish? Seeing the Seahawks beat the Bears. Why? Just because.

It's getting harder and harder to find a job around here nowadays. This city really DOES blow.

We should have a ton of snow by now if my earlier predictions were right, but I'm looking at a lot of grass. Not cool man. Not cool at all.

There's a new You Don't Know Jack game coming out later this month. Wonder if I'll even have enough spare money to buy it.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a little over a month away. Reminds me of when I used to play MvC2 in our old arcade in the mall. Good times.

Well, that's all the thoughts that I have. What kinds of thoughts are running through your head right now?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The first blog

Welcome everyone! This is the first posting of Pikamitsu's Blog of Information. What will I be posting, you ask? A bunch of random stuff to start, but I may be giving themes to certain days as time goes on. As for now, I'll get started with this first simple topic:


That's right folks. I'm going to take a trip down memory lane, and hopefully you will too. Today, my memory is about something simple, the economy. When we think about it, the past 10-12 years have shown a major change in the prices of everything, from groceries to gas and so much more. One of the fondest memories I've had about the economy is remembering when I went with my mom to her workplace and gas was $1.50 a gallon, and she was complaining about how the prices were rising. Oh, if I could only drag that past to the present, she would probably flip out. So, let's hear some of your past memories about the economy.