Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Saturday

Well, it's the weekend. And what better way to start the weekend off than with a little laughter!


     Today, I wish to make you laugh due to the unfortunate follies of wrestling. Yes, I am a wrestling fan. But I'm not one of those hardcore fans, just someone who likes to watch. Every so often someone's going to screw up a line or mess up a move. A lot of people have started to call doing that a "botch". So, a certain someone decided to start compiling these botches into video form, and hence Botchamania was born.
     I am a big fan of this guy's videos, and they always make me laugh. So give 'em a look even though you may not be a wrestling fan at all. You can find his youtube page here, or you can go to his personal website for Botchamania here. Have some good laughs today!


  1. These are actually really funny

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  3. I've known about this guy, he's hilarious!

  4. lol, i havent watched wrestling in a long time but this is just funny!

  5. I haven't watched wrestling since middle school, I used to be really into it.

  6. hm :/ wrestlin isn't really my thing :/ oh well :)

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