Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still alive and kickin

Went to a NBA game for the first time last night. Home team lost, but I saw it coming. So yeah, continuing on with the video game related Thursday posts, today is:


     I'll be blogging about a random game that I've played on any of the Nintendo systems. Today, I want to take a look back at a game that originally came out on the SNES that I (unfortunately) owned as a kid. In Nintendo Power's 100th issue, it was rated as the third worst game ever on a Nintendo system. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself, 'cause we're taking a trip back in time to visit:

    SHAQ FU! There are a few modes in this game. A story mode, versus, and a tournament mode. Sounds decent enough right? Well that's where the decency ends. The story mode is basically Shaq going into another dimension to rescue a kid that was kidnapped. You've got a few stereotypes in this game, the black person, the monster, the egyptian guy, and the...uh...catgirl.

     Well, the characters and the story are just the bread in this suck sandwich. The meat of it is in the gameplay. You see, it feels really slow, some characters are VERY overpowered if used properly (see above picture), and there are two types of guarding. TWO!!!!! There's normal guarding, which is done by holding away from your opponent, but there's a shield-guard that is done by holding down and I think the L button. And even worse, each guard doesn't guard against the opposite guard, so you're randomly breaking between offense and trying to figure out if your opponent is doing a special move or not. To further emphasize this horrible game, let me show you a gameplay video.

    Well, hopefully this shines some light on the past. Maybe next time the Nintendo Thursday rolls around, I'll reflect back on a good game. Until then, just reflect on this sucky game.


  1. I never played this one - but ouch it looked bad

  2. Yeah I reviewed this game, it sucks massive balls

  3. I've never played it lol probably for the best.

  4. Shaq Fu best gaem ever.
    Haters gonna Hate

  5. Glad I never owned it, also in the video Shaq throws... Air? Would it have been too much a stretch for him to use a basketball projectile? Lofl.

    Raging Royal